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The St.Kitts and Nevis Bar Association Celebrates Law Week

 The St.Kitts and Nevis Bar Association will be celebrating Law Week from 3rd to 9th November 2013 under the theme '"Lawyers in the Community". The week will begin with worship by Attorneys at Law at churches in StKitts and Nevis, In keeping with the theme, members of the Association will be visiting schools on both islands and the Flamboyant Home in Nevis.

Senior members of the profession will be appearing on radio shows in St.Kitts and Nevis, A special feature of the week will be a Pro Bono Day on Thursday November 7th on which day lawyers will be available from 10 am to 4 pm at Old Girls' School Building on Victoria Road, Basseterre and at The Red Cross Building in Charlestown for consultation by members of the public without charge. On Wednesday 6th November at The University of The West Indies Open Campus Mr.J.Emile Ferdinand QC will give the first Annual Law Week lecture on the Caribbean Court of Justice.

The Association will also during the week hold a continuing legal education seminar for members of the profession. The week will end with a social event on St.Kitts.

Aims & Objectives

justice and the rule of law and to undertake any action which In its judgement may contribute to the protection and preservation of these and other fundamental conditions for a well ordered society.
and to take such action thereon as may be deemed expedient so as to promote, preserve, and protect its Interests and the interests of its members.
whenever desirable or appropriate; to develop, recommend and promulgate rules relating to professional conduct; to encourage and assist the establishment of procedures for resolving complaints against members of the profession and constituent members inter se; and to undertake conciliatory and adjudicatory functions in matters of professional discipline conferred upon it by consent, by Statute or by any competent authority.
and to defend the Bar in its relations with the Judiciary the Executive and the Legislature.
and to maintain cordial relate among members of the Bar and between the Bar and the Bench.